miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

the intelligent hand
name of design : Drink not Drunk
design by : antigone acconci + Antigone Acconci + Riccardo Bastiani from italy

designer's own words:
DRINK Not DRUNK Glassware collection Drunkenness driving is a social problem in many European countries. Recent restrictions on the alcohol level of drivers cast a shadow on gay nights out amongst young people. We, as young designers, gave our “response” to this problem with two ironic objects: a bottle and a jar realized in blown borosilicate glass, by hand. The little thickness of glass, extreme clearness and elegance given by traditional Venice glass manufacturing give these objects, thought for young consumers, a classic appeal. Drunken Joe is a jar with graphic warnings against drunkenness by measuring the capability to drive according to the level of wine already drunken and suggesting to drive, walk or take a taxi... Halfway Home is a wine bottle with a double shell: a normal size bottle from outside and a half bottle from inside, you drink just what allows you to drive, but keep up appearances!